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Time-Minder is proud and excited to be partnering with two providers to provide mobile solutions for our customers. Both providers solutions are designed to capture time and attendance data using a mobile phone and they integrate seamlessly with Time-Minder, meaning that you can use it to capture start and finish times, have all the power of Time-Minder's award interpreter and authorisations to calculate, correct and approve timesheets, and export to over 40 different payroll and accounting systems.




NoahFace who provide our Facial Recognition Solution also provide a complimentary or stand alone mobile solution.

How it works:

To register, employees simply install the NoahFace Go App onto their iPhone or Android phone, and accept an emailed or SMSed invitation. Once they do this, your organisation's rules are automatically enforced as follows.

The mode of operation can be either:

• Clock In/Out. Employees clock in when they start work and clock out when they finish work.

• Task Tracking. Employees record each time they start a task (by task type) and when they finish work.

• Job Tracking. Employees record each time they start and complete work on an individual job (by job number).

Time tracking can be either:

• Automatic.

• Manual.

Location tracking can be either:

• Required.

• Optional.

• None.

NoahFace Go displays the employee's current work status, and provides them with appropriate actions (eg: Clock In, Start Task, etc). Some actions may require additional information to be entered. For example, Start Task will require them to select a task type from a list, and Start Job will require them to enter a job number (either manually or by scanning a barcode).

The captured events are automatically sent to the Cloud, where they can be searched, viewed, and reported on. They can also be automatically forwarded to your payroll or ERP system as needed.




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SeeMySite’ Mobile solution is specifically designed for the busy remote Workforce. It recognises that your Workers require a simple to use and functional tool to record attendance, as well as providing a solution to record job activity whilst helping employers meet their duty of care. Core functionality includes the ability for Workers to:

• Log in and out

• Record Job/Task Information

• Report Hazards/Incidents

• View remote attendance

SeeMySite Users only need to ‘invite’ registered Workers who have been added via Timeminder in order for new Workers to be able to use the Mobile solution. Additionally, it is possible to be able to verify log locations via the integrated ‘geocoding’ process in order to confirm job attendance.

SeeMySite Mobile is a great additional tool to fill in gaps in attendance verification for those Workers who are not logging in and out of locations managed by Timeminder terminals, providing our Users with a more complete attendance file for payroll. 


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