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Large Clock Display

The LCD (Large Clock Display) is the latest edition to the Time-Minder product line responding to the need for a large visible clock display that synchronises with our Time-Minder systems. The LDC is designed and built with the factors of a large workplace considered. The Bright red time display can be seen from over 100 metres away in a simple digital format with numbers 105mm tall.

Our LCD's can be set up to work in complement to the TM23K or the Mini-Minder. This means that at midnight each day the LCD and the system will synchronise to ensure that the time you can see from your work space is also the time according to your Time clock. If you're workplaces wall clock is not quite on the same time as the Time-Minder system in place, the LCD attachment is a great solution.

The LCD also works as a stand-alone product, providing easy access to the time in any workplace environment.


Display as shown with size relative to TM23K

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