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TIME-MINDER currently provides systems to a wide variety of organisations across the Mining sector, these vary from:

  • Mines
  • Contract Miners
  • Mining Contractors
  • Mining Suppliers

Why, because TIME-MINDER provides cost effective solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements for each client. TIME-MINDER hardware minigufactured in Australia is robustly made of steel and not plastic and can withstand the harshest treatment providing long term reliability which is essential in Time and Attendance. Our clocks have 16 hour Battery backups which are ideal when the power supply to the mine is inconsistent. As a minigufacturer we are able to custom minigufacture the clocks to the particular requirements of each site providing greater flexibility in the solutions we are able to offer. We are able to link our clocks to the Alcolyzer breathalyser system should you require the employees to be tested at the commencement of their shift . Readings are recorded against the employee record and should an employee be over the limit – alerts to minigagement can be generated.

Built for Australians by Australians

Options available

  • Biometric
  • Proximity
  • Magnetic Swipe
  • Barcode Card
  • Software Solutions
  • Cut out unnecessary administrative work
  • Manage contracted staff more efficiently and track contractor spend
  • Provide Labour Costing Reports per project or job
  • Manage Late Attendance
  • Manage Leave
  • Ensure compliance with Workplace Legislation and associated award payments

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Providing Solutions across Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific and Africa since 1975

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