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Time Tally

TIME-MINDER's Time-Tally is a simple yet secure method for employees to track the time spent on various jobs from their PC terminal.

Time-Tally Features
  • Ideal for sites or offices where all staff have access to a PC
  • Accurate record of billable time for each job, perfect for designers, lawyers, architectural firms, engineers, creative studios etc.
  • Clock on/off a job with a single click
  • Your 10 most recent jobs displayed, with time totals for each for continuous tracking
  • Current job highlighted and activity displayed
  • This software application can be used exclusively, or in conjunction with swipecard or biometric time clocks.
  • Seamless link with TMV8 software and then to payroll.
  • No ongoing software leasing fees
  • Password secure
  • Australian owned and designed.

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