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Face recognition technology made easy and affordable.

Time-Minder is proud and excited to be partnering with this amazing product. NoahFace Shift is an iPad application designed to capture time and attendance data using face recognition. NoahFace Shift integrates seamlessly with Time-Minder, meaning that you can use it to capture start and finish times, have all the power of Time-Minder's award interpreter and authorisations to calculate, correct and approve timesheets, and export to over 40 different payroll and accounting systems.

The iPad is enclosed in a tamper proof case.

The iPad is connected to an online data store either via wifi or cellular internet. Your Time-Minder software is connected to the same data store, so all clocking times are transferred seamlessly and in real time. There are fail safe mechanisms employed to ensure that no data is ever lost, even if there is a break in the network or connectivity. You provide the iPads, the application is free, you just pay an affordable yearly or monthly subscription based on the total number of employees.

If you place iPads into each of your cost centres, the clocking times will be automatically attributed to these cost centres. There is no limit to the number of iPads you can have, you only pay for the total number of employees in your system.

You can configure the NoahFace to be touch free, using only proximity, face recognition and voice to clock in and out. Alternately you can use the touch screen to select the NoahFace commands.

We already have many satisfied customers and look forward to providing you with more information on how NoahFace and Time-Minder can manage your time and attendace.

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