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Ezi Tracker


This familiar-looking piece of equipment is state-of-the-art Time and Attendance hardware.

Now, together with Time-Minder Version 8 software, eziTracker allows your staff to clock in and out using nothing more than a touch-key telephone or smartphone app. 

eziTrackeris the perfect solution for businesses where the staff are spread out over several locations, with perhaps only a few at each. Use it as a stand-alone for highly mobile worksforces (such as cleaners, security personnel, delivery drivers, construction workers, retail or hospitality) in conjunction with a Time-Minder timeclock where some staff clock on or off away from the main work location.




How does eziTracker work?

eziTracker has a smartphone app with which you can use to clock in and out. Alternatively employees can use a wired telephone, each client receives a unique Freecall 1800 telephone number. Employees simply dial this number (at no call cost) when they start or finish work and are prompted to enter a PIN. They are then prompted to select either clocking in or clocking out. 

A further prompt is available if other information is required (e.g. mileage, job code, travel time etc). Each call is logged by the eziTracker system and is made available to the Time-Minder software via an FTP site. (This means that data is downloaded into Time-Minder software using the Internet). Each call is checked against the expected C.L.I.s (caller line identifier - or telephone number) and any calls made from other numbers are highlighted. New employee details and site details are entered in Time-Minder as normal, and then uploaded to eziTracker where they can be activated within 15 minutes.

Best of all…

Once you have the Time-Minder and eziTracker software, there are no set-up costs for so you only pay for what you use. The amount per transaction is less than the cost of a normal local phone-call.

Time-Minder with eziTracker is easy to use, flexible and an incredibly cost-effective way of achieving computerised employee time-recording.



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